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Ariana Martin
Ariana Martin May 24 '17
Hello friends
I have using rr email and I have using kindle fire tablet, but I don't know how to setup roadrunner email on kindle fire tablet, so please tell me any body how to setup rr mail on kindle fire tablet.
Rachel Cooper
Rachel Cooper May 24 '17
Hello Ariana

If You want to know the setup Road Runner mail on kindle fire tablet you have to follow below step.

Kindle Fire email setup For POP/IMAP

1. So first from your home screen, select Apps then hit Email.

2. If this is to be your first email account on your Kindle Fire tap Start, then for Select E-Mail Provider select Other. However, if you already have an account tap the menu icon followed by Add Account then Other.

3. The Username is your full email address and the Password is your email password. Tap Next than select POP 3 or IMAP (IMAP is recommended because of larger feature support).

4. Under Incoming Server settings, the settings will be showed already at their default values but we will change a few of them….Your Username is going to be your full email address and your Password is your email password.

5. Type the needed IMAP/POP server name (If you are using Office 365 then it is “” . For Security type, select SSL while for Authentication type verify PLAIN is selected. In Port make sure it is set to 993 if you’re using IMAP or 995 if you’re using POP.

6. If using IMAP, for IMAP path prefix value leave the default value (Automatic using NAMESPACE if available).

7. After clicking Next, under Outgoing Server settings, the settings will be showed already at their default values but we will change a few of them…

8. Type the needed SMTP server name(If you are using Office 365 then is is “” . For Security type, select TLS (always). In Port make sure 587 is selected, and also verify the selection of ‘Require Sign-In“.

9. After clicking Next verify that the Authentication type is set to Automatic. For the Inbox settings page,  under the Folder poil frequency list choose how often you want your Kindle Fire to check your Inbox (more often will assure fast access to emails whilst also possibly affecting performance).

10. Then on the Finish page, enter a display name and an account name. You are now free to check your rr email by tapping View Your Inbox at any time.

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Ashley Gray
Ashley Gray May 24 '17
Hello Ariana

Use this steps help for rr email setup on kindle fire tablet

  1. On the Apps tab, tap Email. The Welcome to e-mail setup screen opens.
  2. Tap Start.
  3. Select an email provider from the list:
    • Gmail.
    • Yahoo.
    • Hotmail.
    • AOL.
    • Other.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Enter your username and password, and tap Next.
  6. Add an outgoing name (automatically added to all emails you send).
  7. Consider optional settings:
    • Choose whether to set up an account name.
    • Choose whether to make this the default email account.
    • Choose whether to import contacts.
    • Select incoming and outgoing mail server.
  8. If any more help visit on roadrunner email login.